Pixal: Day 528

Two expeditions stare at the midnight sea
Two expeditions stare at the midnight sea
The islands of Causality
The islands of Causality
  • Added tooltips to expeditions in the world browser
  • Added walking “animation” to the world browser (expeditions no longer teleport)
  • Enhanced performance for expedition movement (This involved refactoring a lot of things, in order to encompass all the data access operations into a single db connection)
  • Created the test maps (The Islands of Causality)
  • Updated the cells file, added big image
  • Loaded the test map (this involved fixing some things around)


  • Forests not being created in the causality island
  • Show locations in the map where there are items dropped.
  • The transition from 0.0.14e to 0.0.15 in the public server

Aprox. Work Time: 694:00 (689:00 + 1:00 + 4:00)

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