Pixal: Version 0.0.15a released (Days 529 and 530)

Well, well…

The first version of the “World Browser” saga has been released! This version marks a new age on pixal development!

Check it out at http://slashie.net/pixal

So many things have been done in the course from 0.0.14e to 0.0.15… please have in mind this is just the first version in the path to fully functional world exploration and interactions.

Playtesters, Pixal needs your help! If things appear unstable it’s because they are… unstable đŸ™‚ as with any new groundbreaking version, lots of changes were done! Any of the following are welcome:

  • Bug reports
  • Exploits
  • Usability RFEs
  • Funcionality RFEs (Anything fancy this early version inspires you đŸ™‚ )

What can you do in this version?

  • Check out the “Expeditions” screen
    • From there you can manage your expeditions (create new ones, merge and split)
    • You can also access the expedition equipment, and equip your pixals
    • You can transfer equipment from one pixal to another
    • Finally, from here you can access the world browser (using the “Locate in World” link)
    • Note that you can only work with pixals which are not “away”, that means they must be in the same place than your current expedition (You can change this with the “Set as main” link)
  • Browse the world
    • When you have selected one expedition, you can locate it in the world
    • Navigate the world by clicking the location where you want to go
    • You can change expedition any time by clicking the “Expeditions” link
    • Observe how the “surroundings image” changes according to the terrain and time of the day
  • Chop some trees
    • If you walk one of your expeditions to a forest, you can try to chop a tree
    • Use the “Zoom In” or “Chop a Tree” link
    • Select which of your pixal is going to work
    • You need to have a sharp tool equipped
    • Once one of your pixal is working, your expedition is movement locked until he finishes. You may want to split your expedition
  • Pick up and Drop things
    • While browsing the world, your pixals can pick up or drop things from the current location, using the “Get/Drop” link
    • Drag and drop the items from the pixal to the terrain and viceversa
    • You can pick up items from other members!
    • In the world browser, you will see a mark in the places where there are items

Remember you can report your Bugs and Requests for Enhancement at http://slashie.net/mantis/ or, if you prefer, you can just drop me an email at java.koder@gmail.com !

I leave you some pics for reference!

The world browser (1)
The world browser (1)
Setup Expeditions
Setup Expeditions
The World Browser (2)
The World Browser (2)
Equipment Transfer
Equipment Transfer
Expedition Equipment
Expedition Equipment
Setup Pixal
Setup Pixal
Picking up things
Picking up things
Chopping Trees
Chopping Trees

Aprox. Work Time: 702:00 (694:00 + 6:00 + 2:00)

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