CastlevaniaRL: Day 6 OTNA

Following the results of the February Powerpoll, with CvRL winning with 42.5% of the votes, I decided to tackle the pending tickets, starting from the older ones!

Better Castle Corridor
Better Castle Corridor

- 0000054: [Request for Enhancement] Vampire Renegade power balances
- 0000053: [Request for Enhancement] Scale Hand to Hand Combat more strongly
- 0000036: [Tasks] Control Manbeast loss of control
- 0000030: [Tasks] Address Balance Issues Described on Thread
- 0000029: [Tasks] Change level up schema to acquire skills quickly
- 0000028: [Tasks] Increase Manbeast natural defense
- 0000027: [Tasks] Modify open areas on castle
- 0000024: [Tasks] Too much gold issue

Aprox. Work Time: 12:20 (8:20 + 4:00)

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