CastlevaniaRL Days 7, 8 and 9 OTNA

Pretty deep changes in the works! Active evade has been added (this means you can dodge skeleton bones as long as you keep moving out of their line of fire (ala MetroidRL))

Added some environmental effects, let’s see how they work…

Also, keys a remappeable now. It took much longer than I thought it would…

The tickets to be dispatched for next version have been marked, I hope to do it before tuesday!

Heavy Fog
Heavy Fog


- 0000026: [Tasks] Add Active Evade to CastlevaniaRL
- 0000938: [Request for Enhancement] Allowing reasigning keys
- 0000061: [Request for Enhancement] Environmental Effects
- 0000060: [Request for Enhancement] Prelude Arena adjustments

Aprox. Work Time: 21:20 (12:20 + 3:00 + 3:00 + 3:00)

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