CastlevaniaRL: Day 10 OTNA

Showing damage caused an received
Showing damage caused and received

Now showing caused and received damage, which took a long time (sorry about that, it annoys me when I have to invest more time in this sort of things that seem so simple in the end product 😛 )

The manual is also much better now, I am linking it for reference: Manual


- 0000930: [Bug Report] Last messages not show
- 0000995: [Tasks] Show caused and received damage
- 0000994: [Bug Report] Weapon shop always empty
- 0000081: [Request for Enhancement] Lack of thorough instructions in the manual
- 0000993: [Tasks] Add confirmation to warp when has hostage
- 0000067: [Request for Enhancement] Change view distance in castle quarters
- 0000065: [Request for Enhancement] Name changes

Aprox. Work Time: 25:20 (21:20 + 4:00)

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