CastlevaniaRL: Day 11 OTNA, Version 0.7 released!

Lots of changes on this new version, powered by the results of the February Powerpoll!!

Downloads available on

Major changes:
* Environmental Effects (Fog, Rain, Storm, Sunny)
* Active Evade: Enemies target your last location
* Training mode is now less sparse and much more informative
* The game manual has been organized and a lot of more info added
* Remappeable keys
* Dodge Skill added
* Underwater combat with some weapon classes
* Damage is now displayed in the messages
* Some areas of the castle are now more “interesting”
* Skills are now easier to acquire
* Balanced difficulty for manbeast on mid game
* Two handed weapons

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Full changes log: here

Aprox. Work Time (Of the new age): 33:20 (25:20 + 8:00)

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