CastlevaniaRL: Days 12 and 13 OTNA, Version 0.71 released!

Had to pack a release due to a critical bug when equipping shields

Downloads available on

- 0000997: [Bug Report] Crash when equipping shield

Continued working, fixing some critical bugs reported on roguetemple

- 0001001: [Bug Report] Keys spawned beside walls
- 0001000: [Bug Report] Crash on saving
- 0000999: [Bug Report] Weather effects multiply

Also, fixed the MP3 player! so 0.72 will probably have a MP3 bundle in addition to the midi one!

- 0001002: [Tasks] Fix MP3 Player

Aprox. Work Time (Of the new age): 36:20 (33:20 + 1:00 + 2:00)

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