Pixal: Days 533 and 534

Work resumed, thinking a lot on how to wrap up pixal and release a first public version.

Decided to smash some bugs before going ahead.

- 0000944: [BAD: Bug Report] Typos (slash) - resolved.
- 0001010: [BAD: Bug Report] Magic shield seems to be adding to fireball damage - closed.
- 0001011: [BAD: Bug Report] Healed damage incorrectly located - closed.
- 0001003: [BAD: Bug Report] World browser doesnt work on internet exploder - closed.
- 0001004: [BAD: Bug Report] Welcome to pixal box is outdated - closed.
- 0001064: [BAD: Bug Report] Pixal 2 Year Shirt avalable for buying - closed.
- 0001053: [BAD: Bug Report] Experiencie display gone - closed.

Aprox. Work Time: 706:20 (704:40 + 1:00 + 0:40)

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