Tales of Pixal: The Light of Lali, Day 1

Day 1 of the challenge has gone by.

Tenth version of the challenge, 210 developers have jumped in. I remember back on 2005 when we first organized the event and we were only 17 devs. Times goes by so quickly

Started from some design sketches, intending to do a simplified version of Pixal 2, confined inside a dungeon.

Game Starts Notes More notes

Minutes after starting dev, changed my mind to create something completely client side. Focusing on doing something complete, fun and polished.

As usual, timing could not be worse with lots of projects going on concurrently. But such is life.

So far, after trashing the initial server side work and some initial javascript structure, I rebooted the project and managed some basic display.

Dungeon Room
Dungeon Room

Work will hopefully continue.

4 thoughts on “Tales of Pixal: The Light of Lali, Day 1

  1. Are you making your notes in English specifically for the 7DRL or do you often do that on new projects? Always curious what it’s like to develop software in non-English speaking countries since most software projects (at least in my open source circles) standardize on it even if developed elsewhere. (Main example: Drupal was “born” in Belgium.)

    1. You mean my handwritten notes? I always write in English when it’s something related to software projects, except may be when I’m doing it with a local team (but even then, most of times they know English as well).

      1. Yeah, was thinking about the handwritten notes. For some reason I thought you’d used Spanish in W.I.P. shots of the new Pixals. Lookin’ good!

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