The Tablet of Ananias – Day 6,5

Almost there
Almost there


Day 5 – I couldn’t invest a minute on the project, such is life.

Day 6 – Despite some random events who took away almost all day, I managed to advance a lot over midnight. Here’s what I did:

  • Allow readying weapons and armor
  • Make the combat system work, weapons are spent, armor is damaged, damage is calculated based on combatants stats, etc
  • Warp to hotspots if no monsters on room
  • Add weapon enchantments to recover them when spent
  • Create monsters based in depth
  • Add monster data (partially based on Rodney)
  • Add item data (partially based on Rodney)
  • Inventory limit
  • Title Screen
  • Game Over cycle
  • Victory condition
  • Item generation based on depth
  • Level up on down level
  • Drop items
  • Dungeon appearance enhancements.

In whatever time I have left, I’ll just playtest (no more features)

Pretty happy with results so far. was very fun to work with, and I’m just scratching the surface. Phaser 2 came out today, ought to check it out definitively.

Thanks to Denzi, for his amazing pixelwork


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