The Tablet of Ananias – 7DRL Finished!!


I’m pretty content with the results, I hope people find it fun and challenging.

The Tablet of Ananias is a mobile roguelike you can play in your smartphone or any Internet connected device. It’s presented as both a mobile-optimized website you can access via any modern browser, and as an app (Android for now)

Delve into the tombs of the gods, looking for the eternal wisdom contained into the tablet of Ananias.

Manage your resources carefully: weapons have limited uses you can recover via enchantments, armor gets worn in battles and you need it to survive, and potions, don’t forget the health potions. Pick the weapon that best fits your style.

Each time you go down into a new level you get a chance to improve either your strength, hit points of carry capacity.

May you find the wisdom of the tablet of Ananias.

Play Online!

Download from Google Play Store

Watch a gameplay video

All your comments are welcome!


6 thoughts on “The Tablet of Ananias – 7DRL Finished!!

  1. IMHO, this iteration of the game is rubbish. I downloaded it expecting improvements, but got interactive decorations, less equipment, and harder enemies. Thank God I had an old version backed up! Instant uninstall of the new version.

      1. The latest version on Android. Like I said, I didn’t enjoy it at all, so reinstalled the backup copy. It won’t work on my Jelly Bean tablet, but at least I can play it on my phone (successfully finding and wearing the Ring of Ananias as the Paladin).

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