Ananias – Development Continues

The prime goal of the 7DRL Challenge is to achieve Completion, elusive Completion. Developers spend a lot of time working on their game engines, yet never been able to complete a game for others to play.

In that sense, I feel my last two entries have at least been real successes, may be I’ve learned a bit along all these years after all.

However, that doesn’t mean development should cease after the challenge.

As usual, I’ve decided to continue onward with the development of Ananías; the original 7DRL version, for curious and jurors, will remain at New versions will be released at and at Google Play.

Development will focus on the following: Usability and Gameplay Depth. Might also at some point spice the plot a bit, but that’s not a priority.

V1.3 Includes a handy minimap
V1.3 Includes a handy minimap

This new version brings the following heartbreaking changes:

  • Add Minimap and exploration mechanics
  • Remove message log, change it for inline messages
  • Double speed monsters
  • New items distribution
  • New enemy definitions
  • Added Starter Kit (Weapon + Armor)
  • Show Damage Roll for weapons
  • Random PC appearance

So, go and play now or download it for your Android!

All your comments are welcome!

One thought on “Ananias – Development Continues

  1. Lookin’ good. I much prefer the mini-map to a message log, though as implemented the inline messages can go off the side of the screen if you’re standing in a doorway and equipping / using something.

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