Worked a bit on Archerfire

Added the 2 new tracks for title and gameover, while reestructuring the whole music management code.

Also started tying the weapons to the selected ships, got into refactoring as well and ended up in a mess… gotta finish adjusting the ship selection part next time.

Also should note that the current public version is broken: Both because of an expired SSL certificate that won’t let it run inside the facebook canvas, as well as some changes in facebook in app purchases policies..

Ananias, funding campaign launched!

Hello friends!

Yesterday I launched a campaign to fund the completion of Ananias! If the campaign succeeds I’ll be able to make the game rock!

Take a look!

Funds raised from the campaign would go toward paying them artist (for pixel art, illustration, music and sfx, I’m working with three guys who do an excellent job at this), as well as covering publishing and advertising costs. Finally, I’d like being able to take some time off web projects to develop the additional features

So if you like Ananias, please consider contributing to the campaign, and share it with your friends!


Ananias 1.5 released (mobile web)

This version packs a lot of fun!

Play online now, mobile friendliest!

Updated android version coming soon.

New things!

  • Huge UI relayout
  • New enemy AIs
    • Guard Items
    • Guard Exit
    • Keep Distance
  • New enemy skills
    • Heal
    • Paralyze
    • Ranged attack
    • Weaken Player
    • Summon Undead
    • Disarm Player
    • Regen
    • Damage Armor/Weapon
    • Steal
    • Warp
    • Entrap
  • Monster Pack generation
  • Pixel font, goodbye Arial!
  • Sequential monster movement
The exit
The exit
Evil Minions
Evil Minions
Starting equipment
Starting equipment – Roulette Added, better UI

Yesterday I released a new version of, the free online virtual stickers album.

The main new feature is the roulette; it adds a new level of interactivity to players since there’s now an element of luck into the game (it was based only on appointment mechanics beforehand).

I also added virtual currency (Brazilios), you can use them to buy the figures.

Spin the roulette
Spin the roulette

Ananias, getting back to it

Worked a bit on Ananias the last two days, played around a lot trying to fix some issues with incomplete tweens (unsuccessfully), also trying to get it to run in Canvas+ mode for CocoonJS (unsuccessfully), but at least added the option for players to examine items and monsters. Also added scaling for the desktop version.

Play online:

Released a new version on Play Store as well.

Denzi's new title screen
Denzi’s new title screen
Inventory Grid
Inventory Grid

DND1/DNDX – Finished at last

Oh my, it’s been quite a LOT of work!

I was frankly running out of motivation to finish this; had it not been for the other challengers and their messages in the forums, I would probably have given up :/

But it is not this day, this day WE FIGHT!

So, there are the finished version for both DND1 (The direct port) and… surprise oh surprise, DNDX, the remake I made from scratch!

Advanced UX
Advanced UX

The changelist from last version would be *huge*, save/load and dungeon generation have been implemented, as well as HUNDREDS of tweaks/bugfixes, not to mention the work on DNDX which was recreating the whole carbonara into modern JS.

Astonishing GFX!
Astonishing GFX!

DNDX is a much enhanced and user friendly version, seeking to make it a bit more enjoyable and playable game. Let me know what you think!

So without further ado, check them out! All bug reports are appreciated, you can send the over @slashie_

DND1 – Continued renaming/testing/debugging, started working on DND1X

Link to current version

Finished renaming all obscure variable and line number pseudo functions into their real meanings in order to be able to debug properly.

Bringing order into the sourcecode
Bringing order into the sourcecode

Played through and all seems to be “working” ok; I think I’m leaving this version as the “replica” one, the one that seeks to be as faithful as possible to the original, I still value any bug reports you can send me tho!

Magic Missile!
Magic Missile!

…which takes me to the next step, now that I know quite well what’s going on into this ancient piece of BASIC, I’m up to remake it from the ground up in modern well structured JavaScript. I’m calling it DND1X, I’ve already started working on it… it should provide peace into my troubled mind after trying to replicate the original with all it’s woes. The idea with this one is trying to extrapolate the original game into a polished version that someone might even play and enjoy. This one will also have a working dungeon generator.

Clean output at last
Clean output at last

Of course, I’m keeping both codebases apart so people can experience the pain of the original one anytime they want. I should note however that even for the original I made some tweaks in order to make it at least a bit playable, the most noticeable is the change on player hitpoints which were originally an 1D8 for a fighter, to a (3D8)X3 range.

Finally, I thought I’d also link to some other entries into the challenge: