Ananias 1.16

We work hard play hard, work hard play hard, developing Ananias…

…the ultimately simple roguelike experience, coming soon to iOS


Version 1.17 New features!

  • Add animation for walking in and out from rooms
  • Add intro pictures for “Caverns of Chaos” and “Underground Lagoon”, still WIP from Denzi
  • Fix bugs for interacting with monsters standing on doors
Underground Lagoon
Underground Lagoon
Caverns of Chaos
Caverns of Chaos

Runner up for DND1 contest, and the public release of JSTTY

DND1 Contest winners were just announced by Lord British, and my entry happily ended up as a runner-up ^_^


Aside from the cool runner up perks (I particulary love the Collector Box including Trinket, Cloth Map and old school manual, and physical media for the game and the OST  :’)) , the best prize for me was being able to interact with Richard Garriott in many ways, and being given an opportunity to recreate an amazing piece of video games history. It was a wonderful community effort with a lot of people cooperating by transcoding the source, sharing ideas on how it worked and trying to figure it out. Thank you all!

If you want to play it by any chance, I recommend you take a look at the ultra complete illustrated manual, as well you might want to check out my own remake, DNDX, which may be less hard to your brain.

Thanks again to the cool guys at Portalarium, and be sure to check out Shroud of the Avatar if, by any chance, thou hast not!

winnerAlso, as promised, I’d like to publicly introduce JSTTY, the TTY display emulator for JavaScript I used for my entry and remake. It’s open source, you can find it here

With JSTTY you can simulate keyboard input as well as output in a teletype machine via a very simple API, I might write a tutorial soonish, in the meantime I’ll just say it’s as simple as:

  1. Create a HTML file with a canvas element, referencing jstt.js
  2. Initialize a JSTT object, referencing the id of the canvas element
  3. Use the print, printLine and inkey methods from the object

There’s a sample of how it works inside the project, it’s pretty simple 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.17.45 PM


Ananias 1.15 released!


Temple Ruins image of our own
Temple Ruins image of our own

Work continues on Ananias! This new version brings the following:

  • Greatly improved in-game instructions given by the frog
  • New location screen drawn by Denzi (Still Work in Progress!)
  • Monster pets and AI
  • Ranged attack animations
  • UI improvements
  • Internal balancing changes

Check out the funding campaign so we can continue adding awesome art for the new locations and implementing cool new features! Play online too, and give us your feedback!

Ananias, working pet monsters

The campaign has stalled, but development hasn’t! I continued working on the pets, you can now command your cat to charge ahead, pull back or cover you. You can also ask him to meow. There are also flowers to recover or extend health, and they level up along with the hero.

Pet commands, portrait mode
Pet commands, portrait mode
Pet commands, landscape mode
Pet commands, landscape mode

Fixed a bug that made it cumbersome to return to previous rooms when you had a pet. I also added a sample of the location scenes, you’ll get to see one of those every time you get to a new environment. All credits for the pixel art go to Merez from pixelJoint . Denzi is currently working on one of our own. locationI also made a noisy vid showing the pet gameplay

Archerfire 0.41

Play online!



  • Increase rate for Powerups
  • UFO type ships should lean forward to advance
  • Lean forward or backward automatically when climbing or diving into planets
  • Fix initial values for war status screen


  • Add intro sequence using big ships, a la Megaman
  • Less Big Ships, and change sprite for a small robot
  • Enhance torch weapon (or put it on a premium ship)
  • Make enemies lean forward and backward when changing altitude
  • Make allies smarter
  • Nerf laser enemies
  • Withstand hits before losing weapon upgrade
  • Bug: Keep music volume when looping and paused!
  • Letters don’t look good in bright planetary backgrounds.
  • Reduce SWF size (currently 8MB)
  • Reenable payments

2014 1st semester wrap up

This is some of what I’ve made on 2014 so far for Slashland


A multiplatform straightforward roguelike (game). Check it out

Debris into the temple ruins
Debris into the temple ruins

Started as my entry for the 7DRL Challenge, successfully made a completely playable game, then went on to continue polishing the user experience, finally jumped into an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its completion. It’s still running but is unlikely to complete. Have had fun doing a roguelike, learned a lot of JavaScript and, put Denzi’s pixal spriteset into real use.

Future: Finish developing the goals stated in the campaign.


A social space shooter. Check it out

Version 0.40

Went on a rampage to remove all unfinished features and turn it into a more fun and balanced game.

Future: Do the final tweaks, reenable payments

Brazil Album

A virtual figures album for mobile browsers. Check it out

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.26.48 AM

Went from being a pet project to me trying to market it through social media, mainly facebook. Did Ad integration with appia hoping it would bring some revenue (it didn’t).

No future.


A remake for one of the first computer RPGs. Check it out

Advanced UX
Advanced UX

I participated in the DND1 contest launched by Richard Garriott to port an old game to JavaScript, was fun, still waiting for the results, sprung forward JSTTY. DNDX is my own enhanced, not so high fidelity version.

No future.


Generates passwords based on the site and a passphrase. Open Source. Check it out


Small project based on an idea given by a workmate. Has been useful for myself for now.

Future: Adding a simple DB backend to store people’s site list


A fancy javascript display emulator for teletype devices. Open Source. Check it out

Astonishing GFX!
Astonishing GFX!

Made it for my DND1 contest entry but it’s generic, use it to create old fashioned games.

Future: None

Pixal 2

A passive time game, actions take real world time in parallel to all happening in the fantasy world.

Flipped pixal
Flipped pixal

Carry over work from 2013, did a bit work on this on January, didn’t manage to deploy publicly.

Learned quite a bit of JQueryMobile and put some pixal pixelart into use.

Future: I don’t really know…, finished

Well, now that the world cup has started, I gotta mark this project as finished. I also did a drawing for a tshirt among the people who completed the virtual album.

What were the results? I learned a bit about JQueryMobile, managed to create an application targeted to the local audience and got some little exposure. I also ended up with the “Collections” framework I might possibly do something with later on.

Another financially unsuccessful project, but at least friends and family had a little bit of fun.

Ananias, Third Video Update

Please contribute and share!


In this vid I talk about the new features that will go into the game, including a first glimpse of how they’ll be implemented. Take a look to see a cat fighting against a rat, and some random NPCs talking.

More news, we have a new awesome track for the trailer from Ashton Morris!

Coming up is integrating a new tileset sent by Denzi for the caves, as well as probably tinkering around the idea of making a trailer for the game.

Ananias, preview of new features!

The campaign goes on, please continue sharing and caring!

I’m planning to do initial versions for the new features; I’ll be talking more about them tomorrow on the third update video, in the meantime here’s a preview

Cave environment (preview), and a NPC
Cave environment (preview) and an NPC
Debris into the temple ruins
Debris into the temple ruins

I still gotta fix the orientation so that it works on portrait and landscape, gotta do that before releasing a new public version of the demo.

Contributions to the campaign will allow random NPC generation and light plot, as well as completing the 5 different environments, and much more.