Ananias Roguelike Revenge Crowdfunding campaign has ended, and v1.22 released on Google Play

The campaign is over, A big THANK YOU to all the contributors!

We managed to get 737 USD, which was about 50% of the campaign goal and will be VERY useful to push forward the development of the game, meet the new inhabitants of the dungeon (as per the cumulative perks)

27 Lynx 25 Jackals 22 Warriors 17 Knights of Darkness 5 Heroes 3 Summoners
They’ll be the first to get the premium version of the game They’ll get a personalized virtual postcard, signed by the developer They will get special equipment for their adventure They will join the monsters of the dungeons as Knights of Darkness They’ll get the ancient artifact of the Original Soundtrack They’ll create three new races of monsters to inhabit the dungeon.

Thank you again for all your trust, and keep an eye on the devlog for the future development of the game! I’ll get in touch with all of you to get your info so I can deliver the perks accordingly.

Of course, it would have been great if we could have fulfilled the campaign goal; even better if we had succeeded on the first campaign, but things are like this, and fortunately we can work with what we have; we won’t be able to have a full OST at first, but we can have the first songs and start building… we won’t have a full art pack for the game, website and app stores, but we will have just enough to make people notice us… we won’t have a budget for advertising, but we’ll rely on building a great game that speaks for itself. Fortunately, both me as a coder, and Denzi as an artist, we are more into the project for our love to it than for wanting it to be commercially successful, and I think most of the contributors to the campaign are in the same page as us.

So, we’ll rock on!

This is the roadmap for the completion of the goals of the campaign; we have been hard at work these months and some of the things we wanted to do are slowly making it into the game 🙂

  • Game Features
    • Special rooms and features
    • Hidden artifacts
    • Companion monsters – First version done
    • Minibosses
    • Saving Game – DONE!
    • End-game Journal
  • Graphics
    • New environments – DONE! 
    • Intro images for new locations – DONE!
    • Cutscenes for Intro, Game Over and Victory – Working on them!
    • Cover art – Got the first art from Camacho, might commission a second one
  • Polished UI – Continuous, but we have done quite a lot to streamline the experience!
  • Sound things
    • Environmental Music – We’ve got our first track already, and Ashton is working on the second one
    • Sound Effects – Fetched some from openGameArt, gotta sort out a list to have our own
  • Deployments
    • Optimized Android Native deployment – Working on it!
    • Optimized iOS Native deployment
  • Publishing
    • Play Store – Done!
    • AppStore – Will get a developer license to do this, thanks to you!
    • Amazon Store
    • Chrome Web Store
    • Firefox Marketplace

In other news, I continued working on making the game work nicely with the Canvas+ mode for CocoonJS; after much struggle it’s almost working! There are currently the following standing issues:

  • Player sprite doesn’t seems to load at once, you have to move to see it.
  • Text doesn’t wrap which leads to the inspector window not working correctly
  • WAV SFX sound like crap
  • Main menu links don’t work (I actually think I know why :))
  • Once you switch music off, you can’t turn it on again

On the other hand, I tried the WebView+ mode and it works great! so great that I decided it was time to release a new version (1.22) to the Play Store! the most important thing that was holding me back was that music was not working in the System Webview mode. But it’s working now 🙂 The only drawback is an increased download size, and lots of crazy permissions, which I hope to sort out for next version.


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