Ananias Roguelike 1.28 released

A new version has been released both on the web front and on Google Play

Please don’t forget to rate the game, and share with your friends! I really need to get the rating up, since I released versions from early dev there, there’s a lot of 1 scores pulling the average down.

I also have a Patreon profile now, consider becoming a patreon to help me continue developing Ananias and other games!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.29.18 AM

New Features:

  • New Mobile UI layout
  • Several room environments
  • Show monster info when evolving pets
  • New sound effects
  • Increased Knight of Darkness rate

Update for the crowdfunding commitments!

  • Game Features
    • Special rooms and features – WIP, need additional art from Denzi
    • Hidden artifacts
    • Pets, charmed monsters and evolution – DONE!
    • Minibosses – DONE!
    • Saving Game – DONE!
    • End-game Journal – DONE!
  • Graphics
    • New environments – DONE! 
    • Intro images for new locations – DONE!
    • Cutscenes for Intro, Game Over and Victory – Waiting for art from Denzi
    • Cover art – DONE!
  • Polished UI – DONE!
  • Sound things
    • Environmental Music – DONE!
    • Sound Effects – Initial Version
  • Deployments
    • Optimized Android Native deployment – Done!
    • Optimized iOS Native deployment
  • Publishing
    • Android
      • Play Store – Done!
      • Amazon Store – Done!
    • AppStore
    • HTML5
      • Chrome Web Store
      • Firefox Marketplace
    • Downloadable App for PC/Mac/Linux
  • Perks
    • Create 3 new monster races for the Summoners
    • Create 17 Knights of Darkness – Done!
    • Create Funders Version and distribute to 22 warriors
    • Burn a CD with the OST for 5 Heroes
    • Create Credits Section on the website and include 22 warriors – Done!
    • Create 25 personalized virtual postcards

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