Ananias 1.29 released, revamped UI

A new version has been released both on the web front and on Google Play. Please don’t forget to rate the game, and share with your friends!.

A lot of iterative UI work went on in this version, here are the abridged changes:

  • Allow using items on the floor
  • Allow switching weapons quickly
  • Increase initial carry capacity to 10
  • New taller and wider UI
  • Change font
  • Map scroll display

Screenshot from 2014-09-05 17:26:15

Additionally, I’m now using browserify to tidy up and package the app 🙂

We have hit 5000+ downloads on Google Play, yay!

Remember to consider supporting the development on Ananias via Patreon 🙂

Have fun and get the tablet!

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