Planning for the Premium version of Ananias

As part of the commitments for the crowdfunding campaign, I promised there was going to be a free version and a premium version with added features.

St ananias the apostle

I have been thinking what these features will be, basing myself on the philosophy of Adom Deluxe: The features of the premium version will be of added value for hardcore players, but the free game will remain complete and feature-full gameplay wise.

With that in mind, I’ve thought of the following features:

  • Online saving: Ability to save your game in the game servers, to resume your journey in any device (say, start in your cellphone, then continue in your computer)
  • Customizable Avatar: Allow selecting race, gender and features of your character (and save them in your account)
  • Challenge Modes: Special modes enforcing gameplay restrictions for the hardcore players (for example: no pet, no potions, no armor…)
  • Score ladders: Submit your final score to Ananias Server and compare it with your friends and enemies.
  • Community Features: Be notified when your friends are playing and when they die.
  • Online Competitions: Play the same dungeon layout with your friends and see who gets to the lower level.
  • Social features: Share your story in the internetz.

Most of these new features depend on the development of Ananias web server, which I’ll be doing using node.js

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