Ananias 1.34, New scrolls and potions

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This version comes with lots of new items, and some interesting tweaks on level generation.

Scrolls Tridudes and Columns Circular Rooms New classes images

  • New Items!
    • Fish of polymorph
    • Endurance potion
    • Potion of Strength
    • Recover Strength potion
    • Repair armor scroll
    • Enchant Armor Scroll
    • Enchant Weapon Scroll
  • Lots of UI tweaks as usual
  • Add column features to temple rooms
  • Circular rooms
  • Pets set on defend mode now attack if cornered
  • Allow unequiping weapons and armor from inventory menu
  • New graphics for classes
  • Add tridudes from POWDER
  • Prevent shepherd from autoequiping non staff weapons


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