Ananias Roguelike – Perk Status Update

Following is the updated list of perks from the crowdfunding campaigns.

So far we haven’t been able to raise much, but I continue developing the game nonetheless, hoping more people gets to play it and have fun with it.

How long will I be able to continue developing? I don’t know… motivation is limited, I guess it all depends on how well received the fellowship edition is; if it isn’t the development  may come to a hiatus until I recover the will to work on it.

Here’s the updated perk list!


Get the Fellowship Edition of the game

The Fellowship Edition was finally shipped last week (for Android). After tinkering a bit I’ve come with the following procedure which will allow you to always be up to date with the latest version.

To claim your reward please do the following:

  • Send me your paypal email
  • Buy the fellowship edition from google play
  • (Optional) rate the app 😉
  • Send me your purchase receipt
  • I will send you back the money via paypal.

This will actually cost me a bit since I will be assuming the google play and paypal fees, but I’m willing to do it since you’ve shown your support. Other means would mean you’d have to stick to the current version, which I don’t think is fair.

If you don’t have an Android device don’t worry, the Fellowship Edition will soon be available on iOS and Web, I will keep you posted.


Get a virtual postcard with art from the game, hand-signed by the developer just for you.

I’ll start signing these next week and send them to you all via email.


Be credited in the contributors section of the game website


Get the “Warrior” title on the Fellowship of Ananias

This will show up in your profile page, to acknowledge your support for the game. Please send me your player name and PIN so I can add you to the list, you’ll then see the update when playing the Fellowship Edition.


Be included as a named knight of darkness.

All 12 Knights for the first campaign were added; I’m waiting for info from the 2 new ones.


Get a CD with the Original Soundtrack

We haven’t been able to complete the Soundtrack! This has been the most critical missing part caused by the severe lack of funding. So far we have the following tracks:

  • The Legend of Ananias (Main Menu Theme)
  • Descending into Darkness (Tomb of Ananias Theme)
  • Decaying Life (Caverns of Chaos Theme)

Ashton is also working on a fourth one for the Underwater Lagoon.

If you are a recipient for this perk I ask you to please be patient, I don’t want to send a CD with an unfinished soundtrack! We are missing the following tracks:

  • Underwater Lagoon
  • Crystal Depths
  • Lair of the Ancients
  • Darkness Abyss (Medium Length, Loopable)


Create a new monster race to the game

We have created the 3 new races for the highest level supporters.

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