Ananias Roguelike 1.54 released with big changes, also a new trailer

I worked hard during the weekend creating the trailer for the game; the idea with this and the new website is to try to reach some websites to have them write a bit about the game, hoping to get more players. I hope it works… take a look!

Many thanks to LiquidNitrogen, developer of Exalt Corp, for his contributions to the new graphics as well as valuable feedback for this version!

Awesome Crystal Caves tiles
Awesome Crystal Caves tiles
New furniture
New furniture


  • Add new graphics for Crystal Caves
  • Add walltop variations for Ruins, Caverns of Chaos and Crystal Caves
  • Highlight room exits on Underground Lagoon and Darkness Abyss on the minimap
  • Add new stair tiles
  • Added bookshelves, tables and furnace furniture to the dungeon.
  • Change pet’s skill points icon


  • Increase minibosses hit points
  • Reduce wand charges for non-magic masters
  • Add out of depth monsters
  • Hunters now start with a dagger as secondary weapon
  • Start with secondary weapon equipped
  • Reduce thrown weapon bonuses
  • Change accuracy for Hunter when using bows (no longer 100%)
  • Change base accuracy when throwing weapons
  • Bonus accuracy for Hunter when throwing weapons
  • Prevent throwing items when next to enemies
  • Try to switch weapons when trying to melee with a bow
  • Poke enemies with an arrow when trying to melee with a bow.
  • Prevent archer and griffin from attacking on melee with full power.


  • Show detailed messages for failing actions in the object inspector.

Fellowship Edition

  • Profile Panel: Check your friends list and your stats

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