Ananias Roguelike 1.55 – Share on facebook, examine the dungeon, ring guardian.

New version available!

In other news

  • We have a wiki setup now, if you want to collaborate please create content for it!
  • We are getting close to 30.000 installs for the standard edition; rating has gone up to 3.55 and I hope it continues going up with more polished versions. I also removed support for Android versions prior to 4.0 since they seemed to be causing problems to users (since CocoonJS doesn’t support WebView+ on these)
  • We now have 100+ buyers for the Fellowship edition, thank you all!
  • As expected, the APK for the fellowship edition is now available (for free) in several non official (i.e. pirate) websites. If you use one of these versions, the Curse of Ananias will fall over you and your family.
Posting from mobile, web dialog initially.
Facebook Post
Facebook Post
Examining the dungeon
Examining the dungeon

Changes for new version


  • Add Guardian of the Ring
  • Add range and accuracy penalties for heavy items / weak classes


  • Share game over event on facebook (v1)
  • Add Jack Bonar as Knight of Darkness


  • Add missing wall variations for caverns.


  • Relayout statues collection with bigger buttons
  • Allow examining dungeon features
  • Add custom cursor for web version


  • Fix issue with teleporting

8 thoughts on “Ananias Roguelike 1.55 – Share on facebook, examine the dungeon, ring guardian.

  1. I’ve played almost every version thus far, both online and on my Nook HD+ Android device. Still can’t get any sound out of the Nook version though. I know it’s a modified Android, but I’ve never had any compatibility or performance issues with any other app I get from Google play.

    1. I’ve promoted, reviewed and played this since the beginnig. Sad that icant get a simple acknowledgment of this bug.

      1. Hello Odkin, I appreciate your support; I have tried hard to hunt that bug but my fight has been fruitless so far! There is little support from the framework developers for this kind of stuff, and it’s hard to debug it.

        One question, do you get sound if you access the browser version? (You have to use the “Activate Sounds” button ok the main menu)

      2. Good question. Yes, if I use the tablet to play the browser version I do get music after I Activate Sound. Just not in the Andriod app version.

  2. Bug: the Ring of Ananias didn’t appear on the bottom level after finishing a run (with the browser version, as a paladin).

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