Ananias Roguelike 1.56 released, endless darkness

New version available

We are planning the addition of two new classes (for the fellowship edition) as well as migrating the social features from the fellowship to the standard edition.

Endless Darkness
Endless Darkness


  • Endless darkness levels with increasingly powerful enemies
  • Make bows start with some ammo
  • Decrease rarity of arrows
  • Reduce paladin starting stats


  • Make enemies drop items even when killed by friendly monsters
  • Fix critical issue with async facebook init
  • Allow non magic experts to use attack spells (they were always backfiring)
  • Save victories on graveyard

User Experience

  • Adjustments on game over flow
  • Autoreload arrows on secondary weapon
  • Add spell backfire alert
  • Highlight victories on top scores


  • Facebook Login to publish messages natively

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