Stygian Abyss, 2015 7DRL Challenge Entry – Day 2 report

7DRL always happens the worst possible time in the year.

I’m working together with Exodus Destiny Dragon to create a 3D realtime dungeon crawler with procedural levels inspired on Ultima Underworld. We are using javascript.

It’s intended to relive the adventures of the Avatar at the end of Ultima IV, to get the Codex of Ultima Wisdom (and probably something more 😉 ) You’ll have to survive 8 intense levels finding weapons, items and magic spells to aid you in the way.

I am working mostly on design as well as the implementation of the level generator. My goal is to produce something similar to the levels of UW.

Level Generator, Day 2
Level Generator, Day 2

Meanwhile, Exodus has been working on adapting the Britannian Underworld engine to what we need, plus implementing actual dungeon crawling stuff, check out his advancement on his blog.

Fat bats
Fat bats

We are considering whether using graphics from u5, u4 NES, oryx or handmade…. It would be great if we could get the graphics from monsters on ultima v dungeons (or the FM town games), but they seem VERY hard to come up with.

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