Stygian Abyss, 2015 7DRL Challenge, Victory!


Stygian Abyss is a procedurally generated first person action dungeon crawler; survive the legendary Stygian Abyss to find the Codex of Ultimate wisdom, a new adventure awaits you every time!


  • A level generator inspired in Ultima Underworld
  • Explore the environment in a first person view.
  • 8 classes with different starting equipment and skills
  • 11 spells
  • 28 different monsters
  • Melee and ranged weapons

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I managed to survive for another year!

Many thanks to jucarave, a.k.a Exodus Destiny Dragon; we teamed up for this year and it was great working with him.

This 7DRL is made up of two different open source projects; the Stygian Generator and the Stygian Abyss 7DRL game.

The level generator can be used independently (you are welcome to use it in your project!), it’s very customizable and comes bundled with parameters to recreate the Abyss based mainly on Ultima IV. This one was started from scratch for the challenge. I will talk a bit more about it on a future post.

The 7DRL game module was developed using as a base the existing work that Jucarave had made for Britannian Underworld; from there we developed all the game related stuff like spells, combat, etc. A whole lot of work went there!

The cover art was created by Talzhemir “Manda” Penumbra; drawn and painted specially for this game. She was part of the Ultima VI dev team. Thank you!

The music is Ultima IV “Dungeon“, from Ken Arnold. C64 version from the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation

The sound effects were made by Bart, from OpenGameArt.

Graphics come directly from the Ultima IV and Ultima V tilesets, with some tweaks and original tiles being made.

This project is non-commercial, made just for fun from fans to fans.

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