Stygian Abyss, 2015 7DRL Challenge – Day 3 Report

<Insert whining about life being unfair and being too tired for the 7DRL challenge>

Day 3 is over, it may not look as much but I added corridors connecting the rooms, as well padding into them, which for all practical purposes means variable length corridors and irregular rooms areas. I also removed the walls, might have to put them back soonish.

Variable length for corridors
Variable length for corridors

I also added a renderer using tiles, just for fun

Looking nice
Looking nice

Also did the design for magic spells, we are supporting a subset of the spells from the original U4. Also started doing some research on the actual appearance of the original Stygian Abyss, based on the rooms on the game, following some walkthroughs and checking some wikis for maps (unfortunately haven’t been able to find images for all rooms).

What’s next:

  • Add areas (ex: Lair of the Dragon, Evil Mages Camp, Fortress of the Balron, Zorn’s Nest, Damned Graveyard, etc)
  • Add enemies (3rd level generator)
  • Fix bug with connections between areas and subareas.
  • Integrate with Exodus’ engine.

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