Ananias 1.61, Greenlit on Steam!

Assorted news!

  • Ananias just had a very successful sale at; all funds will be used to further advance on the development and polish of the game.
  • On a related note, thanks in great part to the campaign the game has been Greenlit for distribution on Steam! I am doing all the paperwork and setup required and will be planning the features of the steam version for a successful release. THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO VOTED!
  • We are going live on Desura next May 22th.
  • Our submission to was rejected due to the game being “too small in scale in terms of production value” for their core users.
  • I am also working towards the release of the iOS version; I have created working versions but haven’t been able to test due to lack of iPhone devices; the good news is it works great on iPad after a lot of juggling with music files encoding!
  • If you missed it, check out the likelikelite episode 2 podcast where we talked a lot about the game.

Version 1.61 has been released! it’s now available on:

Windows, Mac and Linux




Version 1.61 brings these changes:


  • Arcane master can no longer unleash the full power of Elemental spells (however he can still use them safely)
  • All classes can now use wands to freeze and shock enemies
  • Friendly monsters no longer spend their summon points on safe rooms
  • Barbarian charges cannot be parried now

User Experience

  • Default message windows are now better looking using sweetAlert
  • Elemental spells now have new projectile graphics
  • Show player info on Title screen, remove Profile page
  • Changes on the “Online” menu to be easier to use


  • Fixed yet another issue with using items on the ground
  • Prevent befriending friendly monster’s summons as pets.
  • Added timeout for connections to the server to prevent unresponsive screens
  • Restored level 12 mini boss to Mermaid Queen
  • Remove sockets initialization preventing offline play


  • Migrated to Phaser 2.3.0
  • Changes in music decoding monitor
  • Use incremental version number for up to date check
  • Add back font loader to prevent issues with fonts
  • Change bit rate of music to allow iOS to decode

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