A talk at “Interaction”, a local group of game developers

Yesterday I gave a short talk at a group of local game developers here in Medellin, about HTML5 multiplatform game development using phaser.io

Event Poster

A lot of code was discussed since that’s the way of JS games, so I’m glad some people managed to survive to the end of the talk 🙂

Code all around
Code all around

I created a simple project skeleton which may come in handy for people wanting to start creating their phaser games; I also put together a prototype of simple phaser physics and input which is what I expected we could develop over the talk (clearly underestimated how hard it is to code one-handed while still explaining your code to the audience).

What I thought we would manage to do...
What I thought we would manage to do…

These two, along with what we managed to do in the talk, are in this repo.

At least we managed to create a simple game prototype and then get native MacOSX, Windows and Android executables, that was the whole idea 🙂

What we managed to implement :)
What we managed to implement 🙂

Here’s some related links:

  • The meetup: For people in Medellin, let’s make this grow!
  • (Spanish) A cool blog post from Nicholls, a fellow dev I met there. He’s got many others at his blog.
  • The Javascript Games group at facebook.
  • The git repo with all the code
  • Ananias, my HTML5 game we also discussed there

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