Ananias 1.65 released

At long last, a new version is available!

Versions for GameJolt and IndieGameStand are still pending to be released.

Android and iOS versions are now generated directly using Apache Cordova instead of CocoonJS; had to transition due to the inability to control permissions which was finally broken by their latest generated APKs not allowing unpacking them to change the manifest. The good news are I now have a lot more of control over the building process so this should result in less obscure behavior causing the game to crash.

iOS version has been sent via Testflight to all testers, if you’d like to be a tester please contact me.

A lot of work went into the new game trailer, will release it soon!


  • Remove restrictions to wear metal armor
  • Add penalties for energy and elemental magic when wearing metal armor.
  • Allow barbarians to use heavy armor
  • Remove parry skill from Paladin
  • Add parry skill to Slayer
  • Increase room sizes
  • Reduce variability of weapon damage when thrown
  • Leave pet behind if not next to you during a battle
  • Add angelus and mandragora potions, now Barbarian can cause monsters to evolve without having to read a spell.
  • Reduce power of paralysis skills by enemies.
  • Modify attack types of some monsters
  • Add back shepherd challenge class
  • Fix pathfinding issues for monsters

User Experience

  • Allow using the “Back” button on Android to navigate between menus and to toogle inventory.
  • Allow movement using keyboard on desktop.
  • Add back fullscreen mode for web.
  • Show description of object, cell or monster blocking a ranged attack.
  • Add new music tracks for Underwater Lagoon and Lair of the Ancients
  • Show weapon info when switching weapons.
  • Show monster skills separate from description.
  • Remove some lame monster descriptions.
  • Separate arrows on hi-res mode
  • Add magic sfx for wand
  • Hide facebook share button (will be replaced for the character resume screen soonish)
  • Don’t show skill points if zero
  • Use short classname on graveyard
  • Remove marble background from mobile
  • Add graveyard background image
  • Enhance map sprites for reagents, potions and bandages
  • Change lagoon water appearance


  • Use Apache Cordova directly for Android and iOS instead of CocoonJS
  • New music manager: Load music files as required instead of all on initialization.
  • Disable sound autoinitialization for mobile
  • Change fullscreen stretch mode
  • Sprite pool support (Disabled for the moment)
  • Upgrade to circular-functions 0.0.3 on npm
  • Don’t compress paths on pathfinding to prevent ultra jumps
  • Use phaser-slashman to correct blurry text on multiline textfields
Alchemy Vs Undead
Alchemy Vs Undead
Haunted Library
Haunted Library

8 thoughts on “Ananias 1.65 released

  1. Hi! I would like to test the iOS version of Ananias (well, and Android, but that seems to be available already). Sorry for contacting you via comment, but I didn’t see a faster way and I am too excited to wait. 🙂

  2. *Me stares at the updates*
    *Me stares at how much updates there are*
    *Me contemplates as to how many more deaths will be needed before I integrate everything into the wiki*

    Well. I guess it’s time to get to work. Remind me to squeeze my stress ball afterwords, otherwise I might do something crazier.

    1. Next version will feature probably even more gameplay changes 🙂 I’m adding confusion, blindness, hallucination, amulets, and a lot of cool stuff 🙂

  3. Minor note: not sure if this is intentional or not, but Shepard class is NOT Fellowship exclusive class – I am able to play as a Shepard online. However, considering that Shepard is a challenge class, I doubt this is a significant matter.

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