Ananias 1.66 released – Confusion, Hallucination, Smarter Monsters, back to CocoonJS

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A first batch of gameplay changes, including three new statuses (Confused, Hallucinating and Blind) to give more variety to the game. I have also increased the quantity of healing items, to give you more chances to survive.

I’ve switched back to cocoonJS, but now using the new, which is built on top of Cordova so most cordova plugins work (yay!).


  • Better performance on Android <4.4
  • Better performance on iOS
  • Unified execution environment for Android means I don’t have to fiddle with differences between Android versions (in theory)


  • No CLI means much slower deployment cycles (The current CLI is deprecated and will be phased out soon)
  • Cloud based means I can’t fiddle with Cordova source and tweak things, I have to do with what they have (so I find something not supported by them, I’m screwed)
  • I depend again on the Ludei team and their pace of development which varies a lot (but they are working better now from what I see). In any case if all fails I can go back to cordova anytime now that the game has been conditioned for it.

There are some issues for the iOS version tho, I hope to have them solved soon (else I’ll have to go back to cordova for iOS). Once they are solved I’ll ping all of you who have offered to test the game via testflight, please be patient!

Get the new version!


  • New status: Confused: May attack friendly monsters or stumble in an unwanted direction. Accuracy with ranged weapons and thrown items greatly reduced. Cannot read spells.
  • New status: Hallucinating: Monster and item appearances may change, making the subject unable to identify them. As such may attack friendly monsters. Cannot read spells.
  • New status: Blind: Can’t see the rooms. Cannot read spells
  • Add skills for monsters to cause confusion, blindness and hallucination.
  • Increase quantity of healing items
  • Increase power of healing items
  • Add bonus against undead enemies for certain weapons.


  • Prevent friendly monsters from getting on the way of player attacks
  • Make monster pick from nearby enemies when several are at attack range.


  • Show status modifications on the HUD
  • Use same graphics for running indicators on zoomed and quick mode.
  • Double click on item on inventory to use it
  • Add fishes to the lagoon


  • Prevent creation of extremely big rooms
  • Fix issue trying to move off the room


  • Use new cloud service for Android and iOS instead of Apache Cordova
  • Support separate version for ARM and x86 android architectures
  • Allow moving game to SD card

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