Some stuff coming for Ananias in 2016

In addition to the Steam and iOS releases of Ananias 2.0, which I hope we’ll be doing on January (or February at most), there’s a couple other nifty stuff coming for Ananias in 2016.

Ananias Wear


Not to be confused with Ananias for Android Wear, we are going to be selling T-Shirts and other apparel with awesome brand new Chibi art for all player classes, illustrated by Laura Espinosa Art (A local artist from Medellin, Colombia).

Heroes of Ananias Miniature Collection


I’ve also been working with a friend on a physical set of miniatures we will be selling initially in my country (Colombia). If all goes well we might start doing international shipments but we’ll see.

More info about all this coming soon 🙂


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