Ananias 1.71 released

Happy new year!

Won’t be able to work in the game in a while (back to work… yay.) so I decided to release this version. I’m trying to make each release about 20 hours of development.

I’ve already laid out the plans to add at least two unique active skills for each player class. They are likely to be available on 1.72

This version comes with a lot of Gameplay and User Experience changes. Check it out!


  • Brew methil potion with Arsenic + Borax.
  • Increase starting MP.
  • Increase MP bonus on Level Up.
  • Reduce spell costs.
  • Implement Magic effects for Tiaras.
  • Reduce boosted elemental magic modifier from 4 to 2.
  • Add pumped magic modifier x3.
  • Add evading melee attacks.
  • Recover 20% of total HP on level up.
  • Remove Level 0 Level Up.
  • Make monster summons ephemeral, they die within some turns.
  • Make monster’s status be updated when in other rooms.
  • Make partial healing spells and items based on rolls.
  • (1.71.1) Give Arcane a bandage for survival.

User Experience

  • Add confirmation to kill character.
  • Show player info on new game.
  • Show player and pet info on a new scrollable popup.
  • Show player passive skills on player info popup.
  • Add damage roll to spell description.
  • Add prompt to select action when there’s a conflict on interacting with self (Pass turn / Pick Item / Use Pond / Use stairs).
  • Add custom alert/prompt dialog.
  • Show item summary on Chibi inventory panel.
  • Don’t stop quick movement because of friendlies.
  • Make inspector pop up on gameover on mobile.
  • Show more messages on the HUD message.
  • (1.71.1) Disable combat messages temporary

Graphics / Sound

  • Change fountain animation cycle.
  • Change sword SFX.
  • Add remnants of an adventurer on item locations.


  • Upgrade to Phaser 2.4.4.
  • (1.71.1) Downgrade back to phaser 2.3.0, performance issues
  • (1.71.1) Fix issue with validation message for ammo
  • (1.71.1) Fix issue with action validation for scrolls using the item as source instead of the spell
  • (1.71.1) Fixes to prevent infinite cyclying tweens for player and pet due to tweening inaccuracies
  • (1.71.1) Init audio objects only after files loaded (Fix issue on phaser 2.4.4)
  • (1.71.2) Send crash reports to the devteam
  • (1.71.2) Prevent game from hanging on critical errors.


  • Fix issues with player and pet status not updating after Paral and on recovery.
  • Only show critical hit messages if hit.
  • Sort by zIndex when entering room.
  • Sort monsters whenever position changes.

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