Ultima Castle Generator: Day 7

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.47.25 PM

Rooms are now linked together, to do this I explore the rooms recursively, starting from these west and east of the courtyard; I scan the map for nearby rooms on each direction, recording the limit segments and then I pick a random place from the segment to place a door. Then I explore the connected rooms repeating the process, as a result the whole map is connected.


  • Rooms’ minimum size is now bigger, in turn the generator now rejects structures in cascade, in case it’s unable to place or assign the rooms
  • Entrance is now split on an in-castle portion and an outside castle segment.

Next up:

  • Finishing entrances and wall corridors
  • Working on the rest of room builders
  • Add moat and drawbridge
  • Put kitchen next to dining rooms

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