Ananias 1.73 released!

Well, it’s been a long time!

This versions comes packed with heaps of bugfixes, UX enhancements and even new features.

Getting closer every time to the Steam and iOS release!


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.39.59 PM

New Feature – Tactics

  • Allow changing tactics: Offensive, Balanced and Defensive, with effects on hit and evade chance, damage and defense.
  • Add tactic bonuses by class.
  • Better commands for pets  (Attack, Stay, Retreat). They obey orders based on their tame factor and the tame skills of player


  • Magic expertise (being able to cast spells safely) is now determined based on magic power.


  • Show full spell description on desktop
  • Position of confirm and cancel buttons on Desktop
  • Increase dialog size on Desktop and Tablet
  • Show hit location before damage
  • Fix scroll description for iliterate
  • Add Don Tomás Knight of Darkness
  • Show the inspected sprite instead of the player when examining something
  • Add support for reading books
  • Add books by David Williams, Adam Ring and Stephanie Barish
  • Show player Lukas, and show player stats on Chibi
  • Add tiny minimap for Mobile UI
  • Show dialog background for inspector on CHIBI instead of scroll
  • Add wall books only to library rooms
  • Add WAXD + QEZC movement
  • New pixel art logo, adjust title screens for new logo (including modal title for Chibi)
  • Simplify HUD messages
  • Enable back NPCs with a new conversation model
  • Add Adra Ming NPC, including replacing the evolve potion generation with the NPC giving it to player.
  • Relayout title screen for tablet


  • Add first bundle for Russian


  • Ensure min tween time with delay, use it on quick movement
  • Allow sending debug tips to the devteam.
  • Enhance debug info including stack trace and newlines.
  • Try to prevent several reported critical errors.
  • Try to prevent issue with sound being removed from cache by the time Cache.decodedSound hits on phaser.
  • Monster AI refactor based on intents.


  • Repair weapon scrolls validation
  • Magic expert check
  • Incorrect sprite for column when examining
  • Prevent blue blink form stopping before time.
  • Fix humanoid check for monsters.
  • Fix max carry value.
  • Keep track of the lost pet and remove petAway attribute when killed
  • Don’t add skeletons when droping items on the rooms
  • Prevent issue with invalid SFX ‘slash’ when cutting
  • Prevent crash when playing invalid SFX
  • Prevent paralysis using equipment or intrinsics.
  • Allow Guard AI to attack after damaged
  • Remove scroll from room when used
  • Enable player action for depth > 24
  • Fix Ring of Ananias appearance issues
  • Prevent keyboard movement while on the “Now entering” and “Select Upgrade” screens
  • Prevent issues with back button on menu, fix issues with in-game check
  • Prevent issue when using keyboard outside game.
  • Prevent taming monsters which are charmResistant.
  • Fix linespacing issue for status ailments and apply to all text objects
  • Make room max 6×8 for all layouts to prevent issues when changing layouts
  • Prevent pet away status from sticking after new level


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