Westeros around Year 300 AC

I started working on this one last year, thought I’d have it ready by the start of Season 6 of the show and even thought on doing a small video in cooperation with Ashton Morris using his 8 bit track.

As usual, this couldn’t be done… however I decided to push forward and at least finish the map 🙂

This is a 128×256 map using a combination of tilesets: Denzi’s 16×16 retro terrain, Ultima 4 and Ultima 5. Denzi’s terrain tileset was fun to work with, with much more terrain variations than classic Ultima ones. The map contains the major settlements and castles, as well as the roads and rivers. I used a lot of source material from A Wiki of Ice and Fire to build it.

Take a look and enjoy! (Click for full resolution)


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