ROGUElike ONE v2, now with graphics

A roguelike based in the ROGUE ONE Star Wars story

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Decided to go ahead an add graphics since there was basic support for them already on Rodney. Used Oryx 16bit sci-fi tileset as a start, tweaked it a bit (in particular added the storm troopers). As with the previous terminal version, one big chunk of work was getting the “laser” animations to work, since that was not part of the design of the original Rodney.


There are other things the current engine doesn’t support, like animation. I may work them out in the near future. Currently one big issue seems to be a memory leak hidden somewhere which may kill your game after about 10 minutes of play (lost a promising rogue already on floor 13)


I’m pretty happy how this one’s shaping up. The backlog slowly fills based on player’s feedback and my own playtesting

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