SPID9 – Metal Gear: The Roguelike

I will be posting SPIDs (Slashie’s Project Idea Drafts) in the blog, they will be short ideas for games or other projects I may or may not develop into full projects. May be someone will be inspired by them and save me the trouble of developing them.

Back in 2008 I planned to do a Metal Gear themed roguelike for a game dev compo. Sadly I had no time for it.


  • Infiltrate a base as a FOXHOUND special forces operative
  • Explore the randomly generated multi-building jungle base complex.
  • Stealthy rescue hostages and increase your rank
  • Avoid guards, they are bad
  • Find stealthy and not so stealthy weapons (Knifes, Handguns, Machineguns, Explosives and Rocketry)
  • Destroy mass-destruction nuclear-warhead-armed gigantic Metal Gear mechas
  • Meet new people and make friends with your transceiver.

Original thread at TigSource forums here

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