Curse of Wallachia, further dev

So, you must know what this is about if you have seen Netflix’s Castlevania animated series. If not… go now and come back here 🙂

The goal for now is to create a video for the Prologue and Stage 1 (covering about 1.5 episodes).

Day 5

  • Add whip animation

Since the whip sprite moves around the player, implemented my own simple animation handler for the weapons.

Day 6

  • Make priest draw staff in cutscene
  • Attack priest on cutscene

Day 7

  • Add support for “hostile” npcs / monsters (chasing the player around)
  • Create sprites for “Knife Monk” including walking animations based on Grant’s

Day 8

  • Make NPCs attack player when close
  • Add attack animations for NPCs

Day 9

  • Show UI on top
  • Make enemies damage player when attacking (and knock player back)

Spent some time trying to offset the position of the layers created by Phaser’s Tiled map loading functions but didn’t have luck. In the end decided to add 4 rows of blackness on top of the maps 🙂

Likewise, had to add another slight hack for the collisions between the player and hostile NPCs, since the normal collisions would trigger the physics system meaning the sprites being pushed around (which doesn’t look a lot like the original). So instead of doing a normal sprite vs group collision I’m manually checking the intersection between the sprite bodies.

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