Curse of Wallachia – First Days of Dev

Day 0

  • Hesitated to work on this, tried to team up with someone
  • Considered different alternatives for engines.

Day 1

  • Decided to go ahead with Phaser by adapting the OAX6 engine
  • Created test maps
  • Can move sprite around with walking animation

Day 2

  • Arcade Physics, Jumping
  • NPCs moving around
  • Stage transitions
  • Talking to NPCs
  • Started work in portraits, using the amazing 8bit photo lab

Day 3

  • Design levels and intro
  • Added support for lowercase letters and portraits to dialogs
  • Started working on cutscenes support, added simple timed dialogs

Day 4

  • Added animation for dialogs to display one letter at a time
  • Added full Engrish script for cutscene 1


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