Ananias 2.4.2 released, Lunar Witch dives into the dungeon on Halloween!


Halloween comes with a new version of Ananias including a new class: the Lunar Witch! In addition of being experts concocting potions, they have access to a whole new school of magic: Witchcraft.

Witches cast spells (or hexes) sacrificing their own blood. However, if they have a familiar they will share the burden with him, causing him small harm in exchange for much less pain for the witch.


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.06.47 AM

Hurry up and get it now from Steam‘s halloween sale! (coming soon to other outlets)

bruja encantando

Other changes include:


  • Allow continuing games from older version, warn game wont be saved.


  • Prevent issue with sprite positioning when morphing floating enemies
  • Prevent issue with summons sprites being misplaced
  • Fix achievements relying on count number of levels
  • Make sick fountains reduce attack instead of contracting it (allow recovering)
  • Prevent items from disappearing when dropped and no space
  • Fix issue with confirming spell selection on mobile

2 thoughts on “Ananias 2.4.2 released, Lunar Witch dives into the dungeon on Halloween!

  1. Hey please improve the gain of MP the mage simply needs this, 50% recovery of MP simply makes it much harder to cast any spell more powerful than the initial two, 20% of HP too

    I think maybe if all the class recovered, 100% of the MP and 60% of HP would already help
    And an increase of 5% in
    MP and HP Maximo every time you pray to a patron would be good, once you start.Facing enemies like wargs, and evokers and linchs, it’s hard to get past them, for they.It always comes to the hills, and they will get a lot of HP,
    And I also think there should be a bonus over HP and MP if the player traverses 100% of the level,

    Also I realized that not always patrons like Hadria and straurus are on the selection screen, which prevents you from praying to them many times, I would like you to correct this too if possible

    Relatives are very weak too, they die fast and spend half of their healing items on them, besides that they do not possessim much MP, and usually go hand to hand almost always dying while doing the same runs with monsters dominated by magic of the mind, you could transform them into a more effective helper if you give HP and MP statistics and believe on your own as you go on levels, starting with something like HP 100 and MP 80 and reducing the cost of MP their abilities for 1 MP per use, so they can use them always, because it is almost impossible to take a relative with you very far, in 5 levels they die very easy, and any enemy overcomes them even if you use all their items of cure,

    Incidentally, I think you could increase by 80% the fall of wandering scrolls, potions and alchemy ingredients
    When a player plays with the magician or the alchemist, I find it very difficult to enter these items, and the magician and alchemists depend heavily on them

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