Busy with client work…

That explains the lack of updates on my own projects; the remaining capacity has been invested in OpenArthurianX6 (Ranged attacks) but honestly, it hasn’t been enough to push for the release I meant to do on January…

However, there is big news coming that might change this greatly… I will keep you all posted!

5 thoughts on “Busy with client work…

  1. What new update? Are there plan to make this a full fledge editor program where I can make new project, open project, make new map, import my own sprite and compile it as a stand alone game?

    1. We didn’t manage to hit the stretch goals on the funding campaign for a full fledged editor, so the first versions may require some manual work to assemble the project.

      1. How much do you guys need to make it into a full fledge editor? Can I be the constant paying monthly to your project until I hi that goal? If you give me your paypal address I can work on paying every month until I hit the goal myself. Tell me how much you need and I can start not this month but the next coming month to keep paying in paypal until I reach the goal!

        I will put in the excel sheet the required amount to become a full fledge editor and then every two weeks I will pay and have excel automatically calculate the difference of each payment until it reaches to zero.

        I am serious. I am not making this up. However, I do want it to be 100% full complete stand-alone compile your project editor using VISUAL STUDIO.NET and not javascript or html as the interface of the editor. I do not mind it using DirectX if you must and please can the scripting of the editor be 100% click and play no required programming language what so ever.. no need to learn c/c++/vb.net or c#.net? I will give you example of what I am talking about.

        Like I want the event editor to be like this:

        If you agree to that…term..and if you give me the full amount of what you need…I will start immediately paying you until it reaches that goal even if it means I have to pay the entire full amount myself!!!


        I have being fantasizing for an ultima 7/6 construction editor for soooo long. If you agree..I will also want to co constantly financially support you after you reach those goals to make it compile games for linux, macintosh, playstation 3/4, nintendo switch, ps vita, AND AMIGA IF POSSIBLE.

  2. PLEASE DO NOT BE ONE OF THOSE DEAD PROJECTS…PLEASE…I will do whatever it take to financially support you..please have the incentive to continue working on this project…please…pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseee….please…please..please!!

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