OpenArthurianX6, kicking back dev

I pushed further with the projectiles, “directional” ones (like arrows and crossbow bolts) are working now, and “rotating” ones (like throwing axes) are almost there.

Next up is some logic for spending ammo, and stashes of items.

I also need to sync with the WIP on my secondary dev station, where I was fixing some bugs with NPC alignment.

2 thoughts on “OpenArthurianX6, kicking back dev

  1. I have a question to ask you. You said you have not reached the 4,000 yet to get the full editor. Can i donate in that campaign in your video myself and if I manage to make it reach 4,000 will you be able to do the full editor??

    Bare in mind I am talking a full fledge windows application editor where I make my own project, assign map sizes, add new maps if I needed it too..make my own weapons, items, spells, monsters, factions, etc.

    We are talking like that full editor right? I should be able to have my own HUD editor too right? I can customize the paper doll inventory and theme and draw my own sprite or import my own sprite…that full editor, right? If you say yes and if my donation in that website you showed in the video is still legible to reach that goal I will start immediately.

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