Tales of the Avatar: The Law of Virtue

It has been over four years since our Lord British’s expedition set forth into the underworld, never to be seen again. With our sovereign gone and The Avatar having returned triumphant to his home world, you, the people of Britannia, seems to have lost your way.

We were once proud of our town-states being places where you could conduct business safely and live a tranquil daily life, but now you steal and deceive each other continuously, seeking to build up your personal riches instead of striving for equality by giving to those in need. As this inequality grows, gangs of bandits roam the land, but you now cowardly refuse to join the ranks of the royal army to keep our cities safe from rogues and monsters.

Crime spreads throughout the land, and we have to double down in our efforts to upkeep the virtues as a way of living. But in our crusade for the good, we met with an unexpected reality: you are unwilling to contribute your resources to our difficult enterprise. You disgrace your taken oaths, challenging and distrusting the will of your superiors and following your own primal instincts instead.

Britannians have forgotten the sanctity of virtue. You now take pride in your self-imposed ideals as individuals, neglecting following the wisdom of your rulers.

It is in these dark times, when our Britannian society is on its direst need, that I have to proclaim the Law of Virtue. Under this law, Britannia will flourish again as the great virtuous society that it once was. We have gathered together a new council of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the realm, who have contributed their experience and knowledge into a set of rules and actions that will bring us back to the way of the Avatar.

As a critical measure to put this new law into action, the current heads of our bastions will be removed from their post, replaced with three virtuous individuals of my utmost trust.

Lord Faulinei is to replace Lord Shalineth as the head of the Lycaeum and to act as the new Royal Chancellor. His main task will be ensuring our judiciary system can upkeep with the rising tide of crime, modernizing the laws and providing our inquisitorial prosecutors with all the tools they need to clean our lands from vices that corrupt it. Whoever opposes our law will be dealt with swift, relentless justice.

Lady Nosfentor will replace Lord Malone as commander of Serpent’s Hold, As Captain of the Army and Admiral of the Navy, she has been entrusted with bringing safety back to our realm. May the hordes of bandits and vicious rogues and outlaws fear our swords for they will soon perish along with their vices. Also, until noted otherwise, a curfew is in effect and all individuals roaming the cities during nighttime will be subject to being engaged in the name of the virtues by our royal knights and the newly created order of the Defenders of Virtue.

Finally, Lord Asteroth will replace Lord Michael as Empath Abbey. He will be given the daunting task of redistributing the riches of our land ensuring that no single individual owns more than he needs. You, people of Britannia, need to leave aside your greed and contribute to the work our institutions do to create and upkeep a better society. Eventually, all farmland will be redistributed and every Britannian family will have the means to strive through hard and loving work.

The mayors of all cities have also willingly removed themselves from their posts; their duties will be fulfilled by local committees of virtue, whose members will be revealed on each town as part of their re-educational programs.

Britannia counts with your submission into this new law. Help us make a better world for you and your children, or suffer our wrath.

Walk in the path of Virtue.


Always vigilant, your humble servant.

Lord Blackthorn
Regent of Britannia

3 thoughts on “Tales of the Avatar: The Law of Virtue

    1. This project is far from canceled! This is actually the plot of the “game” I’m going to use to push forward the development of the engine. I have done some big changes in my life recently in order to focus completely on videogames development and OpenArthurian is on the top of my list now. I’ll post the plans for it soon.

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