Interview in The Spazcosoft Podcast

I was interviewed by Kirk Spaziani for his new podcast, following fellow roguelike developers Jim Shepard (Dungeonmans) and Brian Bucklew (Caves of Qud) being featured there.

Some of the topics discussed in the interview:

  • How I got into game development and the bad habits I acquired and almost didn’t get rid of.
  • Usenet groups for roguelike development and ultima dragons.
  • The history of Roguebasin.
  • How (I believe!) roguelikes became semi-mainstream (a history of Kornel and Derek Yu)
  • My relationship with Ultima and the Ultima Dragons, and  Ultima games on the NES (Except Warriors of Destiny because it doesn’t exist.).
  • The 7DRLs I made based on existing universes, and the 7DRLs I made trying to make roguelikes more accessible.
  • The profound history behind the name of Ananias Roguelike, and how to pronounce it.
  • The importance of building a community around the game.
  • Advantages I perceive of using JavaScript vs Java for game development.
  • The history of Expedition, from its 7DRL origins to a failed first project as full-time indie, to the current unity based version and the team behind it and our efforts to get funds for its development.

Check the interview here.

Snapshot of spazcosoft podcast

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