OpenArthurian: M8 Completed, Source Code Released

There was a short dev push after Milestone 7, only for a prolonged freeze period to happen afterwards. This week I decided to push forward so now the milestone 8 has been completed!

The Demos page has been updated so you can play online or even download the win64 package.

Along with small fixes, this new version (0.10) includes the following:

  • Allow ending Combat using C while in combat mode (and no dangerous enemies nearby)
  • NPC Schedules! they will hop from location to location (including opening doors when needed), and sleep during the night somewhere.
  • Added two test NPCs to Iolo’s hut (Corvus and Calista) and a test schedule for them.
  • Line of sight reduced based on time of the day.
  • Atmospheric color based on time of the day
  • Sleeping mobs won’t talk, and will wake up when attacked.
  • Neutral mobs will now flee when attacked.

Furthermore, I decided to release the source code of the game at this point! it was initially planned to be done on v1.0, but I figured it has been long enough to put it out there for people to start toying around with it. You are welcome to take a look at the github repo!

Onwards to Milestone 9!

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