FormulaProc: Spanish and Monaco Grand Prixes

Spanish Grand Prix 2022

Some work was done to make the intro sequence more data-oriented to ease the setup of future events.

There were also some improvements on the dialogs (content), but a system to make them evolve based on the development of the story is still missing.

This GP included an awesome brand new track from QuietGecko: Low Gas. Due to time constraints, it didn’t have narration.

Simernio, the project artist, also created a new awesome cover art that is being used in many places.

Monaco Grand Prix 2022

Two visual additions: a semitransparent shadows layer and a subtle overlay for the track itself. These were especially important in this city circuit since there were a lot of buildings projecting shadows, and the way we continue doing tracks makes it hard sometimes for the spectators to see the circuit clearly.

For the production of the content, I experimented a bit with a Portrait Version meant mainly for TikTok (where we seem to be having a bigger audience maybe).

This GP also included a new QuietGecko track, a sweet Drum and Bass track called “Turbo”

For the first time in the 2022 season, I added narration to the race. We also experimented with a PA effect over it which I think worked pretty well. Additionally, I added subtitles for both English a Spanish for the first time.

Monaco Special Event Mazzerano Challenge

All drivers competed under identically spec’ed vehicles; besides, we experimented with some post-processing effects, including a sepia tone, vignette, and grain; these were barely visible in the quality of the streaming.


With this project, I continue discovering how many people are actually needed to run such a thing in an orderly manner. In addition to the obvious needs in the audiovisual front requiring an additional magnitude of work, there should be roles for video edition, publishing to all different platforms, and I’m not even talking about the marketing efforts for this to reach a wider audience. All this is on top of the neverending task of improving the simulation and making the emerging narrative more interesting (which is the main thing I’m interested in).

While we continue evolving, I’m keeping the idea of this being something made for my personal enjoyment and that of my friends, and produce it at the scale and the amount that I can handle; that includes lowering the invested time so that other projects (like NovaMundi) can reach completion.

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