Muyscamuy – June 2022

I am happy to announce we have been selected as recipients of the Global Game Jam X Endless Computers microgrant for Educational & Learning games, to further develop Muyscamuy, our Muisca community life and farming sim!

It’s the XVI Century in the Andes. It has been some years since the strangers from beyond the sea arrived in the lands of the Muisca. Slowly but firmly, the Europeans have risen into power, and the traditions and beliefs of the Muisca fade away as their cultures blend together.

The heritage of the Muisca is at risk of being lost… you must lead a Muisca community, farming maize, making offers to the gods, and crafting sacred gold works in preparation for a great celebration that might serve to keep their traditions alive.

We have already started working on adding more “life” to the game; you will be able to see the villagers moving around performing their duties in the community, we also plan to improve the game visually and add cutscenes for the events!

The new animations will reflect some of what is known about the farming techniques used by the Muisca. The goal for July is to have the complete farming cycle implemented.

For now, you can play the current version at Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the upcoming updates!

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