A new age for Slashware Interactive

Today marks the beginning of a new age for Slashware Interactive; I am now fully committed into making this dream a reality!

I wanted to share my vision with you, and what better way than telling you about our first three projects for our interactive division?

Expedition: The New World

Status: Beta

This is the first project we will be focusing in. There’s a working beta already and we have even got some crowdsourcing funds via 8bit-funding.com, we will take what we have and turn it into an awesome, fun and easy to pick and play game.

Our sources of inspiration are many and diverse: Seven Cities of Gold, Pirates!, Colonization and The Oregon Trail among many others. We are hoping to create an extensible framework to support playing on a XV-XVII century world sandbox, and for people to be able to create their own scenarios. Within time, people will be able to acquire special boxed editions with extended historical scenarios and cool booklets.

Storms to the West
Storms to the West


Status: Beta

A massive world to explore full of mysterious races and locations; PixalWorld is a multiplayer browser based game in which you can explore the world and leave your mark on it. Build your own cities with your friends, compete in local arenas and get stronger weapons and armor. Train monsters and take them with you. All in glorious pixel art style!

There is a lot of work committed already into this project, but even so it’s not yet ready for the masses… We will make it accessible so people can jump straight into it, and add the missing critical functions and content (allowing people to create buildings and training monsters) and content (a giant world to explore, the remaining races and all the mythology behind them)

Roaming the test continent
Roaming the test continent

GearHead World

Status: Inception

Based on the universe of Joseph Hewitt’s GearHead, and with his active cooperation, we are creating a full fledged giant mecha post apocalyptic massive multiplayer browser based amazing interactive game.

You will be able to assemble your own mecha (all official GH mechas are going to be here), salvage parts from battles and play a Cavalier in the Earth after the night of fire.

Battles will be a mix of tabletop and Active Time Battle, we are going to have all kind of vehicles (not only mecha), and you will be able to assemble your mecha lance and perform coordinate assaults!

We already have a bunch of cool pixel art made by Denzi, the rising pixel sun. You are going to love it!


Doubtfully adequate equipment
Doubtfully adequate equipment

Pixal: Item depreciation

Items now have integrity (max and current), and become damaged when used in combat, gaining modifiers which may eventually make them useless.

This is an important change, meant to make more money flow into the world (by requiring acquiring new weapons and armor)

Max integrity depends on the material and weight of the item. Items are damaged when they are hit or combat (or when they are used, in the case of weapons)


  • Annoying bug: “null” on the link to go back to profile when fighting a pixal outside the world browser
  • Annoying bug: Only use the tech for the “first” attack on each round (if you have a second weapon or you are unarmed, you should not gain the benefits of the tech twice) (this is specially annoying when using skills like quickness)
  • Restore test database into dev (for better QA)
  • Continue with global roadmap: Shops as buildings
  • http://slashware.net/blog/?p=1002

Aprox. Work Time: 245 days, 725:00 (722:00 + 1:00 + 2:00)

Happy 3rd Birthday Pixal!

Three years ago I embarked into the task of creating a simple browser based game, having as goal developing yet another facebook module in which you could create characters and buy clothing for them. Only 13 development days after starting, I thought I was close to the first release.

Two years ago the project was heading into a complete different direction, becoming an independent web application deployed in a public site and with a solid development roadmap.

One year ago things looked promising; the inclusion of the pixel artist Denzi along with a lot of work done on the basic functionalities, made me think it was a question of 6 months until I could take all the framework and turn it into something ready to be enjoyed.

Now, after 243 development days, while I haven’t yet managed to make it be what I want it to be and this year’s advancement doesn’t seem as sharp as last year, I managed to design and make the foundations for the “world” facet; now you can create expeditions, travel around a “test” continent, challenge other expeditions and chop woods from the forests.

I involved myself in other projects for about 8 of these 12 months, which proved to be satisfactory.  It’s hard to me to work on something for spans shorter than 6 months. I also recently decided not to let my independent projects take over my life, and that includes Pixal.

The future of pixal is constantly being reshaped; in this fourth development year I plan to redesign many things, to make exploration and interaction be core elements of Pixal and allow people to create their own space in the world and let a community arise.

I also think this will be the last year of this “pre-production” phase, let’s hope I cant live up with this goal 🙂

Slashie at Pixal at its third year
Slashie at Pixal at its third year
Three years of Pixal
The Pixal world browser at the end of 3rd year

Thank you all, everybody who is been here reading the blog posts, submitting feedback and supporting us. This project is for your enjoyment, and I hope we can build something great together!

Pixal: Day 242

A simple shoutbox (Yellbox) has been implemented; it wasn’t too complex using JQuery!

One thing left to enhance would be checking for the last update time, in order to save bandwidth. (later, i’m tired 🙂 )

Will release tomorrow!

We chat around the pillar
We chat around the pillar

Aprox. Work Time: 720:30 (718:30 + 2:00)

Pixal: Day 241

Phew! At last I implemented Battle Suppressors, so that there can be safe zones where your expeditions are protected from evil players 🙂

The Pillar protects us
The Pillar protects us

The world data model scares me… I wonder how it will work when a big scale world is deployed…

I also feel I’m a bit stranded about the purpose of pixal… going full scale with an extensive world seems overkill! May be I must go to the basics, fighting and stuff… I must really implement item depreciation and reduce the inflation caused by the tournament prizes…

Anyhow, must just add chat to complete what was planned for v0.1.16 and rest for a while… Expedition needs some attention, then CastlevaniaRL 🙂

Aprox. Work Time: 718:30 (716:00 + 2:30)

Pixal: Day 240

  • You can now loot gold from defeated expedition, I decided to simplify this, so you can no longer steal the items from the expedition. This will also help the friendly nature of the game (bandits are not fun for those whose items are stolen, specially newbies)
  • HP has been scaled accordingly, only hundreds of fights will led to balance

Aprox. Work Time: 716:00 (714:50 + 1:10)

Pixal: A high level roadmap

This is a roadmap of things to come… and I didn’t even include the gigantic list of RFE’s from the mantis repo.

Right now I don’t know what will happen… I feel like there’s so much work to be done, yet I’d like to just step forward, finish the project and dedicate my time to other things… I need a partner in action so that we can build this together!

Versión Capability / Activity Estimated Group Month
0.0.16 Loot items from defeated expeditions 08:00 Assault June 2010
0.0.16 Block defeated expeditions from moving 01:00
0.0.16 Scale HP according to average damage per danger category and desired fight length 02:00
0.0.16 Add safe zones where assault is not allowed 03:00
0.0.16 Allow yelling messages 04:00
0.0.17 Allow multiple expeditions on the same tile and show them in a browser area 03:00 Buildings
0.0.17 Access tournament functionality from arena building 06:00 July 2010
0.0.17 Add inscriptions to owned items and use them for store prices 04:00
0.0.17 Modify store functionality to use trading, implement merchant “semi ai” 08:00
0.0.17 Access store functionality from store building 04:00
0.0.18 Allow claiming and trading land 08:00 Land August 2010
0.0.18 Place signs in the map 03:00
0.0.18 Create simple buildings in the map (houses) 08:00
0.0.18 Allow garrisoning expeditions in buildings 04:00
0.0.19 Allow setting up expedition in defense mode 02:00 Strategy September 2010
0.0.19 Allow requesting passage to a defense expedition 04:00
0.0.19 Block movement by defense zone 03:00
0.0.20 Allow trading with other players 09:00 Trading
0.0.20 Allow setting up stores 09:00 October 2010
0.0.21 Add monster races 06:00 Monsters
0.0.21 Add monster expeditions around valuable resources (test map) 12:00

Pixal: Day 239

Continued working on the battles, now your HP regenerates and you can check the remaining time to attack.


  • Implement knocked out expeditions and rescue missions
  • Change background according to fight location


  • Item depreciation
  • Quests?

Aprox. Work Time: 714:50 (713:20 + 1:30)