Ananias 1.23 released

This is the last version before the full pets arc (Which I’m already working in). It includes the first version of the title screen music by Ashton Morris!

Regarding music: I thought on the subject of whether removing it to enhance the loading times greatly. It all came to my ultimate motivation: To make a game I enjoy, and since music is a great part of the experience for me I decided I won’t remove it. In other words you’ll have to wait a bit more, but you’ll get the full experience 🙂 You can always turn it off if you dislike it. I should also look forward to the issue with the mobile version, which should not be affected greatly by this (since there’s no download time), but it’s currently happening.

This doesn’t mean I won’t address the loading times, I have to work toward consolidating the graphics assets in less spritesheets.


Game Over Black Rat


  • Add title music
  • Add gameover screen including kill count
  • Quicker movement
  • Change rat and jackal image, add images for pets
  • Disable sound decoding check to enhance loading times
  • Upgrade to phaser 2.0.7
  • Change meta tags for more responsiveness
  • Prevent walking through walls
  • Fix misplaced sprite after warping


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