Ananias Roguelike 1.35 – Pools and Boulders

A new version is available, play online or download for Android

We also now have a community blog to share our tales, take a look!

New features

  • Added pools, puddles and boulders to temple rooms.
  • Potion of invisibility
  • Invisible pets
  • Prevent ingame tips from being displayed over and over
  • Add alchemist tunic
  • Nerf starting armor for Knight
  • Buff Archer Bonus
  • Buff axe bonus against wood

Boulders Pool

Also, here’s two vids made by Jucarave, they are from the previous version but they’re pretty nice, share with your friends!

ananias02_zps7bb55d4e Ananias01_zpsadaf9bee

Full Changelog for v1.35

  • Fix issues with concurrent turns caused by incorrect player inactivation when using, dropping or switching items.
  • Add alchemist tunic
  • Nerf starting armor for Knight
  • Buff Archer Bonus
  • Play sounds on card selection
  • Play sound on level up bonus
  • Disable player action
  • Enhance Ring of Ananais description
  • Prevent duplicate “Now entering” message on Lv 24
  • Reduce Ananias Ring minimum generation by 2 levels
  • Prevent circle rooms in abyss
  • Make circle rooms always in Lair
  • Update pet stats on HUD on level up
  • Prevent issues with pool interaction
  • Prevent ponds to be placed atop obstacles.
  • Fix top wall rendering issue
  • Add puddles
  • Add pools
  • Potion of invisibility and Invisible pets
  • Remove keep distance from monster AI
  • Buff axe bonus against wood
  • Reset use button label when leaving inventory screen.
  • Wrap long pet names
  • Prevent ingame tips from being displayed over and over
  • Big refactor for Cell objects instead of String cells
  • Add boulder obstacles
  • Add back tiles for walls

Ananias 1.34, New scrolls and potions

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This version comes with lots of new items, and some interesting tweaks on level generation.

Scrolls Tridudes and Columns Circular Rooms New classes images

  • New Items!
    • Fish of polymorph
    • Endurance potion
    • Potion of Strength
    • Recover Strength potion
    • Repair armor scroll
    • Enchant Armor Scroll
    • Enchant Weapon Scroll
  • Lots of UI tweaks as usual
  • Add column features to temple rooms
  • Circular rooms
  • Pets set on defend mode now attack if cornered
  • Allow unequiping weapons and armor from inventory menu
  • New graphics for classes
  • Add tridudes from POWDER
  • Prevent shepherd from autoequiping non staff weapons


Short news about Britannian Underworld

The project development has slowed down quite a bit since we still don’t have a pixel artist, however there are things of relevance to note.


We are still looking for an artist for the project, if you’d like to contribute and gain great fame and virtue, here’s a list of stuff 🙂


Exodus Destiny has completely remade the engine using WebGL instead of the hand made raycasting software rendering he was using on the first version of the engine (which was pretty impressive from the technical POV), in his mind he’s achieved what he wanted to do with it in, learning a lot in the process of making it and pushing it to its limits; however the game still ran a bit slow on low-end machines, and that was his main motivation to do the new one.

Different Height floors


Along with improved performance, this will allow several new things like:

  • Easily support different height terrain, as can be seen in the current demo
  • We could eventually incorporate some 3D models (UW did it with the rocks :P)
  • Rendering stuff is simplified, leveraging ED’s development power to work on more things directly related to the game

Of course, we are keeping with the initial idea of following the original Ultima Underworld style, so we won’t be using all the power put at our disposal with WebGL. The only drawback is that now you’ll need a browser that supports WebGL.

You can find the current version here, it’s Open Source so if you want to take a look and collaborate, it’s here

The former, simpler version of the engine is probably going to be used in the future for a simpler 3D dungeon hack’n slash game.

Music and Sound

This version also includes the first track sent to us by Cantarelli Cantarelli, it’s a melancholic track that we are going to be using probably in the menu screen. We were also contacted by Stephen Johnson, a sound design / voice-over specialist, whose skills may come in handy for the weapon and environmental SFXs, as well as a possible Intro ala UW.

Level Design

We have been chatting along with Orlando, defining the posibilites given by the engine for puzzle design.

Ananias Roguelike 1.32, level up cards

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Change log

  • Level up cards – Pick a card when finishing a dungeon level to get your stats upgrade
  • Show nearest enemy description
  • Remove Stay and Skills options for Pets (Only Attack or Defend)
  • Drop items on the spot
  • Only allow using items on pet if close or safe
  • Allow muting SFX
  • Add pet descriptions
  • Add SFX for monsters and spells
  • Healing animations
  • Several UI enhancements

Select a Card


Ananias 1.31 released, fixes scaling issues with tablets on Android

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We also now have a playtesters community, join to get the latest betas and help the game become better every time!

Change log

  • Fix issue with app scaling for Android Tablets
  • Relayout inventory screen
  • Change low HP warnings
  • Change level intro images
  • Reduce sound volume
  • Retry playing sounds on each room for CocoonJS

New intros

New inventory screen

Fighting on

Ananias 1.30 released: Knight, Archer, Alchemist and Shepherd classes!

This new versions comes with 4 character classes, each one for a different play style!

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Humble Shepherd Wise Alchemist Brave Archer Hardy Knight

There’s not much in the backlog for v2.0 apart from some minor UI enhancements, once we hit that I’ll do the iPhone version, then in the near future I’ll work on the web backend for the premium version (Once we hit 50.000 downloads :))